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The Draslovka Services Group is a group of companies providing global trial support, application and product development consulting, as well as regulatory and business development support for suppliers, distributors, and customers.




Ethanedinitrile (C₂N₂)


Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)


Ethyl Formate (C₃H₆O₂ + CO₂)


Soil Enhancers


Tonnes of Chemicals




Hours of Operation

The Draslovka Services Group is
headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

We can provide 24 hour global coverage for the support of the entire Draslovka Group product portfolio. The Draslovka Services Group directly fills a gap in industry between the manufacturer and the end-user, enabling a direct link to ensure seamless custom application development and field trial support.

Our Professional Services

Specialist Application Support
Application Development
Regulatory Services

Our Approach

We encourage you to contact us with your inquiry or proposition, whatever it may be, and we will do our best to help you reach your goals.

We Listen

The customer needs are always at the centre of our attention.

Results Driven

Following initial consultations, we get straight to work on providing a cost effective solution.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide every resource we have to make sure we deliver a successful service.



Our Weed control using EDN is Amazing. Soil Pathogen control is great on tough soil pathogens like Charcoal Rot. Using EDN gives me short plant back time, which gives me great flexibility with our ground preparation.

Neil HandasydeHandasyde Strawberries

We loved working with the Draslovka team, never before have I seen people so dedicated to ensuring we use our farm chemicals in a smart and sustainable manner. Applying ever more scientific knowledge to Disease and Weed control is the future and these guys can help make that happen.

Peter JongJongs Nursery

The Draslovka Services Group is our primary link between business to customer and the team have done a great job in growing and fostering relationships with end-users, and the feedback we are getting from industry is beyond impressive – we will continue to grow this business and invest in this niche market area to ensure crop protection for generations to come

Pavel Bruzek Jr.Chairman of BPD Partners A.s


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