Hydrogen Cyanide

BLUEFUME (active ingredient: Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)) is a rapid acting, colourless, flammable fumigant used for the treatment of empty structures to control stored-product insects. The fumigant has great disinfestation and deratization effects due to its excellent distribution and penetration properties. Its effectiveness in one-time fumigation with a short exposure and its outstanding efficacy against a whole range of pests make BLUEFUME™ one of the most used fumigants on the market. HCN is not a new fumigant, it is one of the first fumigants to be used extensively under modern conditions. HCN has been used for more than 100 years.

Although BLUEFUME™ is currently used mainly for the treatment of mills, thanks to a wide range of laboratory and field tests of efficacy against various pests and also the development of new application technology, it is certainly possible to use its potential in other agricultural segments as well.

HCN is found in nature as natural protection used by plants and their seeds. It is not an ozone-depleting chemical and a viable alternative to ozone-depleting methyl bromide and to break the phosphine resistant insects. BLUEFUME™ application is backed by our extensive consulting, installation, safety training and support services. Follow the product label recommendations to achieve maximum control of the target organisms.

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Product Benefits:

High efficacy and rapid action

  • Broad spectrum activity effective on insect pests, mites and rodents
  • Effective as insecticide and rodenticide (excellent disinfestation and deratization effects)
  • Rapid efficacy against pests
  • No reported resistance in storage pests
  • Excellent ovicidal effects (effective against eggs)
  • Effective against insect pests and rodents

Short exposure

  • BLUEFUME treatment usually takes only 48 hours
  • 24 hours fumigation treatment
  • 24 hours thorough ventilation
  • Reducing facility shutdown time

Routine and safe application

  • Use of cylinders
  • Two trained operators
  • Application without direct operator exposure

Excellent distribution and penetration properties

  • Even distribution of fumigant in the structure
  • Excellent penetration properties (e.g. into flour residue)
  • Consistent fumigant dose at low temperatures

Intended for treatment of empty structures and edible commodities

  • Mills
  • Poultry houses
  • Silos
  • Compound feed manufacturers
  • Warehouses
  • Aircraft
  • Ships
  • Bananas
  • Bed bugs in empty building structures

Further Information:

Active substance – hydrogen cyanide (HCN)
H – C = N

Colourless liquid
Rapid evaporation (boiling point 25.6 °C)
HCN vapours are lighter than air (ventilation is easier)

Modern method of application:

  • Accurate dosing according to the registration – 10 g/m3 (PT 14, 18), 20 g/m3 (PT 8)
  • Bioassays (verification of fumigation efficacy, check of mortality – comparative pest samples) and monitoring (measuring concentration during fumigation)
  • Verification of fumigant concentration in the treated structure
  • Check of required concentration (Ct product)
  • Verification of efficacy on pests
  • Basis for claims
  • Covering structures
  • Mobile distribution systems
  • Installation of permanent distribution systems in the structures
ActivityFirst FumigationSecond Fumigation
1 Breed House4 Breeding Houses
Sealing the structures with foil1 day3 days
Exposure24 hours24 hours
Ventilation24 hours minimum24 hours minimum
Cleaning the structure1 day2 days
Total4 days7 days

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