Chloropicrin & 1,3-Dichloropropene Mixtures

Agrocelhone® have been experts in soil disinfection since 1985. With the spotlight on Methyl Bromide’s hazardous chemical footprint, there has been a focus on research and development of environmentally sustainable alternatives. Agrocelhone® has developed new formulations to provide solutions being faced in crop production.

Available Products:

Draslovka Services offers a range of Agrocelhone® products that control fungi, bacteria and nematodes that cause poor plant growth and decreased yield.

  • Agrocelhone® C80
  • Agrocelhone® F (C60)
  • Agrocelhone® FE (C60 Emulsified)
  • Agrocelhone® N
  • Agrocelhone® NE (N Emulsified)
  • Agrocelhone® D

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