EDN™ fumigant (C₂N₂ ) is a rapid-acting, volatile, colourless flammable chemical used for fumigation of soil prior to planting certain crops and in the timber industry to control various insect pests and pathogens, nematodes, and weeds. EDN™ is not a new molecule. It was discovered in 1815 but was not manufactured on a large scale until the late nineteenth century. EDN™ is used in other industries for various purposes. It has been introduced into the fumigation market as a viable and non-Ozone depleting alternative to the now commonly banned Methyl Bromide. Although it has toxic qualities, it is safe to use when applied in controlled environments as per regulatory standards, which apply to all fumigants. It can be applied by different methods to different commodities. EDN™ is registered for commercial use in Australia, with many other countries’ registration pending.

Why Choose EDN™

EDN™ is a very environmentally friendly fumigant that naturally breaks down in the air. It is not a greenhouse gas and does not destroy the ozone layer. EDN™ does not remain as a residue in the environment nor accumulate in the soil, plants, or animals.

EDN™ was awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Award in 2020. During the approval process, it has been reviewed and pre-validated by the Solar Impulse Foundation’s team and three independent experts and was found to fully satisfy the Eligibility Criteria including the economic and environmental sustainability.

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