We Make Soil Better

NOVIHUM® soil enhancers provide solutions matched to the diverse needs of open field and protected cultivation. NOVIHUM® products can be used in different important crops: vegetables, broadacre, fruits, and turf grass. Different application strategies are tailored to your crop, soil or substrate, operational capacities, and management goals. The products can be applied independently or in combination with other fertilizers, agricultural minerals, and organic matter sources, and are compatible with most standard agricultural, landscaping, and substrate mixing machinery.

Product Benefits:

NOVIHUM® soil enhancers are a next generation humic product. NOVIHUM® is a concentrate of high value stable organic matter just like that found in natural soils, in a clean, easy to apply granular form.

  • Healthier soil higher in Soil Organic Matter and better structure,
  • Higher crop yields and quality,
  • Better nutrient use and water use efficiency,
  • Enhanced stress tolerance,
  • Positively influences the establishment mycorrhiza fungi.

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