Viable alternative to ozone-depleting methyl bromide

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Fumigation is the globally accepted best practice to treat timber and logs for import and export purposes. Unlike other phytosanitary measures, fumigants can effectively penetrate timber and logs, and target insects, nematodes, and pathogens which other pesticides and methodology do not easily control.

Methyl Bromide, an ozone-depleting substance and greenhouse gas, has been used for the phytosanitary treatment of import and export timber and logs for decades. Methyl Bromide is under increased pressure due to its irreversible negative effects to users’ central nervous system and long-lasting detrimental effects on the environment.

The forestry industry, researchers, and authorities are looking to alternative treatment options such as EDN™ to provide an environmentally sustainable and effective solution to replace the archaic fumigants currently used.

EDN™ benefits at a glance:

  • Broad spectrum fumigant – with an extensive efficacy data package
  • Superior penetration both across and along the timber grain
  • EDN™ penetrates both wet and dry timber
  • Quick fumigation period for a range of timber pests
  • No known global warming potential
  • Viable alternative to ozone-depleting methyl bromide
  • Ease of use with dedicated, innovative dispensing solution drop-in replacement for methyl bromide
  • Backed by our extensive consulting, installation, safety training and support services

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