soil fumigation and soil conditioning solutions

Key Services

Soil Analysis

Proper soil sampling and analysis are the first tools used for effective recommendations. Scientific soil analysis are done in partnership with accredited laboratories. Soil samples are taken to identify which pathogenic organisms occur before treatment; after treatment another sample is taken to ensure effective results. Analysis include nematode identification and count, presence of disease causing fungi and bacteria identification.

Customised Recommendations

Technical Specialists use soil analysis, pathogen type and numbers, choice of crop, soil texture and previous plantings as guidelines to make a customised recommendation.  Various application methods and products are considered for each situation. The focus stays on improving and preserving soil health and condition, leading to shorter plant cycles in vegetable crops and immediate re-planting of orchards and vineyards.

Applications & Equipment

The correct equipment is very important to ensure effective and accurate placement of the product in the target area. The method used is dictated by the crop to be planted, soil type and product used.
Full surface application, in row or ridge applications at specific depths are some of the options. All these applications can be covered with plastic or sealed using a roller. The fumigant is introduced to the soil via a shank and is released at the prescribed depth. Spacing and length of the shanks are determined by the chosen crop and is customised before each application begins.
Draslovka Services also offers in-line fumigation through existing drip lines by a qualified PCO.

Technology Software with Trimble Technology

Precision farming technology is used to ensure accurate and effective application. The use of Trimble Flow and Application control software coupled to automated flow meters optimises dosage at variable tractor speeds. This data is combined with GPS mapping – resulting in detailed reporting of product dosage rate, speed and area treated. All this information is stored and a report of each treated field is made available to the client for record keeping, accreditation and GLOBALG.A.P. requirements.

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